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Tomorrow's Supermarket Starts Today

The future of retail doesn't have to be disruptive. At Veriset, we believe that small changes can have a lasting, measurable impact by streamlining operations to add value for consumers and savings for companies. 

A photo from above of a supermarket space

Our Vision

We aim to be the global display solution-provider for retail chains that need to broadcast, present, and distribute their product and promotional information in a simple, quick, and effective manner.

To accomplish this, we deliver a single system to organize prices and product data for in-store signage, helping improve update coordination, increase consumer purchases, and boost savings simultaneously.

Our Values

All great organizations start with great values. Here are the ones that can make all the difference for your retail operation.

Technical Expertise

In a world where technology continues to play an ever-greater role in commerce, we are constantly researching new developments to assure our clients immediately add value to their organizations and gain the technical edge needed to deliver the very best consumer experience.

Broad Perspective

Technology is not something you can set and forget. To remain relevant, we are constantly looking outside the industry for new ways to augment and improve our services to maximize the value for our clients' and stay one-step ahead of changing trends. 

Dependable Reliability

Our clients depend on our capabilities to deliver real-time results, and we endeavor to reliably deliver on our promise of greater connectivity, improved automation, reduced resource drain, and better sales results through improved signage processes.

Constant Communication

Our open, honest, and transparent approach to our client relationships helps us build the right package of services that accurately and efficiently address our customers' most pressing needs in a manner that sustains long-term value.

The Team

Human capital is the foundation of our offering. See how our tenacious team of experienced leaders is delivering continuous innovation in the retail ecosystem. 

Avi Toren photo

Avi Toren

CEO & Co-Founder

Responsible for overseeing the company and its strategic direction, Avi brings more than 30 years of finance, management, and business development experience as a key decision-maker to the Veriset team. Before co-founding Veriset in 2001, Avi was a co-founder of Leonardo, an international content multimedia distribution company operating across the travel industry, where he served as the Global CFO.

Amir Ben-Moshe photo

Amir Ben-Moshe

COO & Co-Founder

Known for his innovative approach and proven execution skills, Amir manages Veriset’s operations and product. In the past 25 years, he has been responsible for a range of product development activities at multiple organizations, notably serving as a co-founder and Chief Product Technology Manager at Leonardo.

Oleg Golynker Photo

Oleg Golynker


Devoted to continuous research and product innovation, Oleg handles the technological development of Veriset’s product lineup. He commands over 15 years of software development and management experience, leveraging his prior experience as the CTO of well known information technology company Art-In.

Nir Toren photo

Nir Toren

VP of Business Development

Embracing his years of experience in system administration, customer experience, and speciality in graphics, Nir is a driving force behind the company’s expanding presence in the retail universe. Nir brings a customer-centric attitude and strong technical know-how to the table, adding value for stakeholders through his role in business development.

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