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Display Management Solutions

Push price and data unification across display channels in real-time, maximizing the utility of existing resources while concurrently reducing the likelihood of human error influencing the checkout process.

Highly Integrative

Veriset is system agnostic, meaning it can deliver an unparalleled degree of connectivity and interoperability in the retail context. Existing retail operations can quickly integrate disconnected systems, like ERP, signage, and checkout registers with no disruption to existing processes. 

Veriset's technology stack is very modular, helping avoid lengthy installation periods or heavy demands from internal IT departments. Veriset handles all R&D and development related to the system integration, freeing your IT team for other, more urgent tasks.

Real Time Visibility

Greater system-wide connectivity means better results. How? See how changes flow across a retail operation in real-time, from price and data updates on signage and information kiosks all the way to the register and eventual sales results.

Armed with the data and accompanying insights, retail operations can explore new strategies to drive foot traffic to specific promotions, meet sales quotas, and gain a better grasp on customer behavior.

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Veriset Systems

We aim to be the global display solution-provider for retail chains that need to broadcast, present, and distribute their product and promotional information in a simple, quick, and effective manner.

To accomplish this, we deliver a single system to organize prices and product data for in-store signage, helping improve update coordination, increase consumer purchases, and boost savings simultaneously.

A man working on a computer with Veriset system UI on the screen

Why Opt For Retail Maximalism?

Better Data Connectivity

Automation Without Disruption

Improved Resource Allocation

Cost Savings From Day One

Zero Resource Drain

No Development Required

Our Unique Solutions

Maximize The Retail Experience With Tailored Capabilities

A woman working on a laptop computer with Veriset system UI on the screen
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