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Customer Facing EDI Solution

Unify all retail prices, promotions, and data across systems, in-store signage, and digital channels in real-time from an intuitive dashboard.

Streamline Retail Price & Data Connectivity

From one single dashboard, we help our clients proactively automate the way information is distributed across branded signage, whether printed or digital, helping speed up the flow of information throughout an organization.

Smarter Supermarkets

Upgrade the retail customer experience by updating data across signage and displays, both printed and digital, in real-time, improving data collection practices, and gaining newfound insights about promotions.

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Man weigh fruits on digital scales. Pointing his finger on the digital screen

Maximize Productivity Without Disruption

Add efficiencies to your operation by linking and automating unconnected systems, reducing wasted resources and human error while adding value from day one of implementation. Add a new layer of connectivity to your retail systems and processes, improving the productivity of existing assets without interrupting business as usual.

How It Works


Veriset uses a designated database to automatically collect all of the sales and special offers from every platform that headquarters uses.


Veriset system validates the data and combines it with the right branded template and the corresponding product image, to create the perfect campaign for every available display. 


Veriset also provides the store manager a complete customization for displaying the right sales in the best spots in the store as they see fit.

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 Operation Modules 

We deliver a connected dashboard that integrates comfortably within your existing retail processes to transform the way that siloed data is distributed and shared across a retail operation. 

Animation showing different types of signs in a supermarket area


Print Module

Allow branch users to find and produce branded signage in any desired quantity and size directly at the local point-of-sale printer. The system automatically combines the correct branded template with corresponding product images and variable data.

Printed sign with bottles of wine on it

Our History

Since 2002, the Veriset team has been leveraging the team's decades of experience in the ​fields of marketing and technology to reduce friction within existing retail operations. 



Establishment of the company

The founders of Veriset built the company to automate processes for large retailers



Launching VeriImage Service

Content management system for ads and retail products

Our Clients

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